Services to Franchisor
The most significant attribute of a new franchisor is its successful business development. To accomplish that goal in the marketplace, it can turn to franchising as one of the best ways to distribute products or services. When a franchise system is properly put together, it can be an ideal relationship for all who are involved, including the franchisor and every franchisee. We develop a research based expansion plan for the franchisor across India. Here we identify the potential investors or franchisees that meet the objective of the franchisor.
Prime concentration has to be given to promoting the marketing system of the franchisor. Hence we offer our large network and specialized marketing support to re-structure the franchise model in various target markets of the franchisor across India.
We consider each of the Franchise is similar to a joint venture or business partner. Each of them can be assured business success in respective ways. So we examine the investors and their financial and functional capabilities and we provide a filtered database of interested investor to take up franchise.
A successful franchise operation requires a lot of information to manage the business. For example, the franchisor needs to know how the franchisee intends to operate their franchise before completing the franchise transaction. There are some reasons why both the franchisee and franchisor need to have answers to certain questions. Here we bridge the gap between franchise and franchisor. We believe that a franchisor should endeavor to provide each franchisee with a logical opportunity to be successful and it should take all actions for the franchisee’s successful Operation.
We offer the platform to franchisor where the franchisor advertises their brand to the thousand of our potential investors and when the investor creating interest in that particular brand, then we forwarded that potential investor to the brand. In this way, we bridge the gap between the investor and the brand.
Moreover we provide training by experienced personnel, with valuable material that is reasonably sufficient to introduce and guide the operation of the franchisor’s business by framing development programs. This would enhance the process of franchise with backing support to convert a potential investor.
Services to Franchisee
The right franchise prospects present a fast pathway to owning a flourishing business of your own. Running a franchised business is a specialized business plan with a budget. One should examine the all pros and cons. Sometimes the moderation of a proper business plan helps you stay safe. As a franchisee, you have the support and resources of a large business that provides expert advice, training and marketing, one can have benefit of established brand recognition and more promotional support. More importantly, franchise owners are presented with a proven, step-by-step plan of a successful business model. In exchange for these benefits, you agree to follow that plan. But franchising is a complex function. One should know which franchise opportunities might be right for you. We do a scientific assessment of Franchise opportunities for varied franchisees.
We assess the interest and business psyche of Investor whether he or she is fit for franchising or not, because Franchise owners should be comfortable working and are better able to follow guidelines within a system. However there is always a scope for improvement with latest trend and styles, even in a proven system.
We assist the franchisee to take the right judgment whether he is opting right franchise. Here we analyze certain factors like how much money to invest, How much one can afford, he or she is purchasing franchise alone, or with partners, does he or she needs financing and if yes where and how etc.
Most prospective franchisees are looking for a proven, successful system, where current franchisees are happy with their decision to go into the franchise. We help to negotiate with the franchisor at every step till the deal is closed. As we believe in a strong partnership role for the franchisee to work together, share ideas, and resolve issues together, we try to give a 360 degree view of the franchise agreement. It can create an appreciation for your concern or discrepancies to the table and its possible solutions. In this process we also arrange one to one meetings with franchisor to restrict movements before making a decision. With all of the responsibilities that the franchisee holds, communication and organizational skills are key skills to possess as a franchise. Here we create organizational and personal profile to strengthen the franchisee’s part to impress the franchisor.